A lil snippets of what Diana Amir said for the behind-the-scene video for HIJABISTA February 2014, edition!
Gist of what say Diana Amir from the video. Read up...
"After two years of donning the hijab, in fact there's a lot of transformation happened from the way of thinking and etc., unlike before.
Actually, like ourselves, from day to day, a definite change shown, plus it has been like two years; without doubt from my state of mind and the way I dressed has evolved; has changed. Hopefully, the changes are towards a better me. 
I'm more drawn into the hosting side, compared to acting; throughout my acting career, I'm fonder to be a host. Ever since the hosting bit has became a realism, it has been a very momentous occurrence to me coz, as a host, not only that I am able to share and toss ideas, but I also have to carry out my own research. In another note, by some means has deepened my comprehension and in a way, it could advantage others too. Becoming a host certainly makes my day and I'm tremendously joyful, deep down inside. 
My heart is still like a teenager even though that I'm married now. I still adore to play around with colors, but it all depends to the environment and the function itself. I truthfully favor to mix and match my outfits; I let my creativeness run wild in fashion, I still desire to be experimental in terms of fashion. 
Assalammualaikum, I'm Diana Amir, Alhamdulillah that I've undergone the photo shoot session with HIJABISTA. I would like to reckon all hijabi out there to grab HIJABISTA February 2014 issue, Stailo & Sopan. Bye..."
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