About Grup Buku Karangkraf

Grup buku Karangkraf is one of the subsidiaries under the management of Malaysia’s largest publishing company, the Karangkraf Media Group.

The re-branding of Karangkraf Media Group in 2010 has built 6 core businesses, one of which is the Karangkraf Book Group which focuses on the production of books and novels.

In the beginning, the Karangkraf Book Group combines 3 imprints divided by the genre and target audience.

1. Alaf 21: Publishes reading materials that target readers aged 25 years and over. Reading content is more serious and mature. Produce novels, recipe books, crafts and even general publications.

2. Buku Prima: Publish a book for teen reading materials. The novel production is appropriate to the teen’s soul.

3. Karya Bestari: Publish Islamic books.
However, as the growing demand from readers and areas of writing is increasingly widespread and creative, the Karangkraf Book Group is expanding its publishing and target audience.

Kids Prima was set up to focus on producing children’s books from preschools to the age of 15. It is a branch of the Prime Book to extend the target audience.

Under the Bestari Works, a special branch was established for the Publication of Al-Quran Karya Bestari which is a joint venture between Karangkraf and Cordoba International Cordoba International based in Bandung, Indonesia.

The difficulty of obtaining the Al-Quran with translation along with some other spellation makes Karya Bestari foster this collaboration so that the people in Malaysia are equally served with the best reading materials in the Quran.

With a steady and specific fill on some emphasis such as translation, description, hadith, head, fiqh law and more.

At the end of 2015, the Karangkraf Book Group has set up Corner Books to provide reading materials for today’s teens who prefer to be relaxed, simple, urban and straight forward. He raised several genres to be featured as travelogue, true story, human interest, horror, current issue fiction and more.

Karangkraf’s early involvement at the beginning of its establishment started with an academic book but the venture was stopped to focus more on other imprinted demand at this time.
In 2016, the Grup Buku Karangkraf revived the publication of an academic book under the label Bestari Karangkraf. This effort is getting more fruitful as the days of academic books, student notes, published exam module work have been a reference to students and teachers.

In addition to focusing on publishing books and novels, the Grup Buku Karangkraf has embodied a new dimension in writing by embarking on the Portal Ilham. A writing portal that gives the author the opportunity to create a name and create a network with other readers and writers.

Over 4000 works have been produced and can be read for free when you are browsing the website www.portalilham.my. Over 200 works have been published by various publishers, no less has been adapted to the glass screen.

Grup Buku Karangkraf has dominated almost the entire book market throughout Malaysia and some have been accredited by media and book associations.