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By delivering news to the local market in the past 12 years, Sinar Harian has successfully established itself as a formidable news publisher. With 11 years of experience, today, with 140,000 copies in circulation per day and 6.61M* website visitors per month, Sinar Harian undoubtedly has found its place in the hearts of heart-hold Malaysians

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At the heart of the company’s philosophy is continuous product improvement.

We believe in always staying relevant to market expectations. As such, improvements to Sinar Harian are made constantly. We tweak and improve content for both our printed and online outlets to ensure that we meet both our readers and advertisers challenging demands and needs.

In line with product improvement programs and our quest to provide variety to our readers and advertisers in content delivery and form, Sinar Harian has added another dimension to its brand offering – the launch of its online Web TV – Sinar TV.

Sinar TV aims to serve Sinar Harian readers and followers a new form and a new dimension of consuming content. For advertisers, Sinar TV extends an additional opportunity to engage with readers from the Sinar Harian Brand on a separate platform.