Corporate Social Responsibility

Warisan Ummah Ikhlas Foundation (WUIF) was incorporated under the Trustee (Incorporation) Act 1952 on 31 July 2013, equivalent to 24 Ramadhan 1434H. It brings the spirit of the Nuzul Quran, so that the Qur’an is read, understood and practiced. The Quran provides management tips and all sorts of answers to whoever is willing to learn. If we have the Quran in our hearts, we can become people with big hearts and strong characters who can lead organizations towards success.

With this in mind, WUIF’s main objective is to make free Quranic classes easily available to the public through the #AktifkanRumahNgaji campaign.

The Nur-Karangkraf Foundation is a non-governmental organization that was set up with the intention of providing hope to single mothers who are raising their families independently. Our activities also aim to advocate for the rights of single mothers and to raise the public’s awareness on the importance of raising better families for our nation’s future. In carrying out this community responsibility, we too hope to alleviate the burden faced by these single mothers.

Biasiswa Karangkraf is an education fund set up in 2004 to assist SPM, STPM and Diploma students who wish to pursue their higher education.

The program started by offering scholarships to staff members to continue with their education at SEGI University. Realizing the need and demand for the public to get free, high quality education, the program was then extended to not only staff members and their families but also our readers. Today, the scholarship program is open to the public with options to study at SEGI, Universiti Tun Abdul Raza (UNIRAZAK), UNITAR, UNISEL, KUIS, UNITEN, Ranaco, Instedt and KLMUC / Cosmopint in various fields.

To date, 538 students have graduated from this program and counting.

As of May 31 2017, a total of 133,725 refugees and asylum seekers from Myanmar have been registered with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Malaysia.

In more recent days, there has been a lot of news on the cruelty that has his our Muslim Rohingya brothers and sisters. The “ethnic cleansing” operation by various parties in Myanmar has resulted in the masses being killed. They were murdered, raped, and burned alive. Those who still survive are trying to escape into the jungle and seek asylum in neighboring countries.

As a credible media outlet, Sinar Harian together with related non-governmental and corporate bodies will unite to run the SINAR4ROHINGYA – Solidarity for Humanity campaign to raise public’s awareness and funds to cure the current conflict faced by Rohingyas in various rehabilitation centers in Malaysia and also in Myanmar.

The campaign focuses on helping Rohingyas survive by providing basic necessities which include food, medical, education and also rehabilitation.

Following the recent earthquake in Lombok, Sinar is urging Malaysians to channel donations for our brothers and sisters in Lombok who were affected by the earthquake; they have lost their homes, their families, and are now living in tents.

As a trusted media house, Sinar will manage the funds collected transparently whereby 100% of the funds will go straight towards helping the victims. Funds collected will be channeled to selected NGOs who are already on the ground, at the same time also eliminating any operational costs.

Kita terkejut dan marah apabila nyawa 50 saudara kita melayang dan 20 yang lain pula cedera terkena tembakan pengganas dalam serangan di Masjid Al Noor & Linwood Masjid di Christchurch New Zealand pada Sabtu 15 Mac 2019 bersamaan 8 Rejab 1440H.

Sesungguhnya umat Islam itu bersaudara.

Airmata sengsara isteri, suami, anak dan sanak saudara mereka yang ditinggalkan perlu kita tenangkan. Luka hati mereka perlu kita balut dengan kasih sayang.

Sebagai tanda kita turut berduka di saat-saat sedih ini, mari kita ringankan beban derita mereka dengan sumbangan.

Biar dunia lihat, umat Islam sentiasa prihatin untuk membela nasib saudara seagamanya.

Semoga ALLAH SWT memberkati apa yang kita usahakan. Amin.

Terima kasih.