Nu Ideaktiv

About Nu Ideaktiv
IDEAKTIV is a joint venture between Astro and Karangkraf.
Brand owner to 13 titles, including No 1 parenting portal in Malaysia (Pa&Ma), No 1 food portal (Rasa) and No 1 women’s portal in Malaysia (Mingguan Wanita).

From print magazine to digital content, Ideaktiv is now expanding its reach by embarking on producing TV Shows and Workshops for various markets in the Nusantara region.

Ideaktiv is a Malaysian and Nusantara content company and is committing in spreading the power of knowledge by producing great content, inspiring and touches live like no others.

We creates values for others and values of our people, encourage development and exhibit a strong will to success.
We own 39 intellectual properties, and 15 are active covering a variety of genres and top of the market segment. We lead to position ourself in the heart of Malay communities.